Get Dope Badges on IMVU

Get Dope Badges on IMVU

How to Get Dope Badges on IMVU

The way you are or have been loyal to your school or office because of the identity it has provided you with, IMVU lets you experience a pretty similar thing.
The IMVU badges feature lets you create badges and give them to your friends. Your favorite badges are displayed beside your profile picture on the IMVU website. Badges are a great way to express yourself, to display your connections with friends or groups, and are a lot of fun to share and collect. You can think of badges as a “friendship pin” on IMVU. Sounds cool!

How to know how much is a badge worth?

Clicking on a badge will bring up the badge description. This is a small area of text or HTML content where you can add a message or graphic. When people are curious about a badge, they can click it to learn more. Pretty much like anything on the net.

 IMVU Badges

Once you create your badge you can share it with a few close friends or give it to anyone who asks nicely – there is no limit to how many copies of your badge you can give. The price of your badge depends on the size of your badge. The most common badges are 1 tile wide and 1 tile high. However, you can create badges up to 5 tiles wide and 5 tiles high.
Dope badges or Swag dope badges give you the extra edge in your profile and makes you more conversation prone.
The price of badges is relatively high to help make badges unique, collectible, and valuable. When you get a badge, you know it was created by someone who loves IMVU, and who wanted you to have something special to show off in your profile.

To create your custom badge, you need to:

  • Decide your badge size
  • Create your image (JPG, BMP, and PNG file formats are supported)
  • Import your image

There are two methods to give badges to your friends.

Manually give the badge to your friend.

  •  Click on “Manage Badges” in your account settings page.
  •  Click the “Grant/Revoke” Option.
  •  Type in avatar name that you are and hit the “Grant Button.”

Automatically give badges to profile page visitors who request them.

  • Click on “Manage Badges” on your account accounts page.
  • Go to the “Edit Settings“.
  • Click on the “Badges Auto Grant” box.

 A small tip- If you want to restrict who can get your badges, use the Panel Visibility Settings on
your account settings page to choose a subset of visitors or a friend.

This is the usual procedure to Get Dope Badges on IMVU; you can get Dope badges or any other badge in a similar way.