Get Free IMVU Credits

Get Free IMVU Credits

How to get free IMVU credits

Getting free imvu credits is something that every person on IMVU is on the lookout for. imvu credits are a big talk of the imvu world. As everyone knows- imvu has its economy, very much like every nation and that makes you feel more connected to it compared to any other social site, with a currency system based on imvu “credits” and “promo credits”. The third form of currency exists too-but that is only for creators, known as “developer tokens”. Earning them is pretty simple, and there is a proper procedure for that. Nah, there is more than one way for getting more credits

The official site says that you can get free credits by helping them promote imvu among people, mostly your friends or by increasing your daily activity at imvu. The most popular and usual methods are:

Complete an offer

Complete an offer from a page ( of imvu partners ) and earn hundreds and thousands of credits per the offers. The offers are frequently updated, so if you see an offer that you don’t like then get back soon on the site for more offers that may interest you.

Watch a video.

Well, we all know what that means.
This is the way imvu promotes their partners. If you click on a video, you can get upto 10 free credits.

Login Daily

Daily logins increase your visibility at imvu and above all can fetch you upto 500 free credits! Big, isn’t it? Well that’s how it works

Login into 3D chats every day and get free credits along with virtual gifts. It will also help you in levelling up.

Apart from free imvu credits, you can also get virtual gifts like for your avatar or your chat rooms to show off. The simple process for this is inviting friends to imvu.

Get Free IMVU Credits

If you run out of videos and offers, that will probably never happen, then don’t be sad. For trying out something new get on various imvu zones that offer free credits just on sign up.

They have a simple three-step procedure for it:

  • Sign up with your mail ID- The easiest of all steps.
  • Earn credits- The same way as you were earning credits at the official site. Watch short videos, completing offers, sharing your opinion on surveys, inviting friends, etc.
  •  Wait for it- The most boring step undoubtedly. Once you have earned the free credits, you can transfer them to your account. It takes them usually 2-3 days for making the transfer happen. Once you get it, you are good to go!

Getting free imvu credits is a big craze among the people much as the same everyone wants money. Genuine imvu credits generator are a bit tough to find. In most cases, all you need to do is type in your mail id and claim your credits whereas there are a few that ask for your imvu ID along with how many credits you want. Hope this helps you to get free credits